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Oh hey girl

by Bethany Hughes

Ryan Gosling can Drive, but so can Jeremy Lin:


A Brief Lin-terlude

First of all, mea culpa. I’m helpless when it comes to resisting an opportunity to make a pun. This quality is high on my list of tragic flaws.

Although Ricky is currently my favorite PG in the league, I’ve been observing the commentary about Jeremy Lin’s rise and its implications with some interest. For your reading pleasure, two essays that say something more compelling than “He came outta nowhere!” or some version of “Can you believe he’s Asian-American?? And does that matter?”:

Alexander Chee’s article for The Classical*

Gish Jen’s Op-Ed piece for The New York Times


*There’s also extensive coverage of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on The Classical. Check out the multi-part series.


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